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Is Luna really out there somewhere...right now it sure does feel like she is


The Glass Cradle
The Glass Cradle
Kanji ガラスのゆりかご
Romaji Garasu no Yurikago
Episode Number 17
Previous Episode For the Strength to Believe
Next Episode The Time I've Lived and the Time I Have Left

The Glass Cradle (ガラスのゆりかご, Garasu no Yurikago)is the seventeenth episode of Casshern Sins. The Episode originally aired on January 28th, 2009 and the Funimation english dubbed version on September 16th, 2012.


Once in the world, there was a hope that Robotic kind could create their own, much like the humans could. But like everything in this world, it was thrashed and decayed by reality, leaving only the bitter memories of it all. But other places, their are still prospering points. Casshern, who has murdered the world, is now thought to be a completely different person by his allies, finally forgiven by whom he's been trying to protect. Still searching for Luna, there are many who find a different path to her, through her origin.

Casshern vs Leda

Even the memories of a happier time can torment someone to the point of no return

Casshern and his group stumble upon Luna's past, three young Robots who were created by the same scientist who created The Sun, Hoti, Hoto and Holtor. But that scientist died long ago, leaving he and Luna's secrets with the three, who were the failed robots who were to become like Luna, the life of the world. Leda and Dio also find the three after infiltrating Luna's birthplace. Leda looks for a way to escape her fate, haunted by the memories of her past she tries to gain information from the Child who do not yield to her commands. Casshern arrives in time to stop Leda's interrogation, only looking to protect the creators legacy. The children plead, letting them know that the key to eternal life is love and happiness, but Leda's obsession with herself blinds her to their "truth".

Ohji Leaving

In this world, the duty of all is to do what they can, to save a life

Casshern stops her from extracting any information about Luna, Leda's envious thoughts of Casshern lead her attack again but this time Dio steps in to halt her. The two leave, leaving the triplets to reveal the truth to Casshern and the others, that Ringo has been chosen for Holtor's "True Vision". They give the group a prism containing the Luna's Nanocells, which may be to solution to ending the Ruin. Ohji remains behind to study its powers, while Casshern and Lyuze lead Ringo to the Sun.


  • There is an animation error in this episode, every time Dio is shown from the rear he is shown with two horns instead of his one.

English Cast (In Order of Appearance)Edit

English Cast and Characters
# Voice Actor Character
1 Shelley Calene-Black Leda
2 Jerry Jewell Dio
3 Monica Rial Ringo
4 N/A Friender
5 Brina Palencia Lyuze
6 Eric Vale Casshern
7 Jerry Russell Ohji
8 Maxey Whitehead Hoto
9 Tia Ballard Hoti
10 Leah Clark Holtor