Casshern Sins Ohji 7131
Romanji Oji
Kanji オージ
Physical Description
Race Robot
Gender Male
Eye color Red
Behind the Scenes
Debut At the End of the World
Voiced By: Cho (チョー)

Jerry Russell

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Ouji (オージ  Oji) is a scientist who worked for Braiking Boss before the start of the ruin. He is also the creator of CasshernDio, and Leda. His goal was to create robots with the ability to procreate; however, his research did not yield results. After the death of Luna, he felt responsible for the ruin because it was his creation that caused it. He fell into a state of depression and eagerly awaited his demise, until he heard a faint crying in the distance. He rushed towards the sound and discovered a small child inside of another robot. He then found purpose in protecting the child, Ringo, and traveled along side her until he passed away.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ouji has the appearance of an elderly man. He is always seen wearing a brown hat and a red jacket over a long sleeved black shirt. He appears to be wearing a pair of white goggles over his eyes, but that is actually part of his head. On the rare occasion that Ouji does remove his hat, he has a hard round plating over his head that stretches down to his eyes. Ouji has red pupils and yellow irises.