Niko (ニコ)formerly watched over Luna alongside Lyuze and Leda before the Ruin began. Afterwards she received severe brain damage and ended up in the Valley of Ruin.

Physical Description
Race human
Gender Female
Hair color Pink
Eye color Red
Behind the Scenes
Debut The Flower that Blooms in the Valley of Ruin
Voiced By: Alexis Tipton
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Physical Appearance

Niko appeared as if she was a small girl with long pink hair reaching past her shoulders and light salmon red eyes. She wore a torn yellow dress and a red undershirt as well as a white bonnet on her head. She was rusted from the left side of her neck stretching to her left shoulder due to the Ruin.


Niko was an innocently ignorant girl with no idea of the world around her. Due to her brain damage she was extremely kind to everyone she encountered even going as far as to tending to wounds incorrectly, always making sure she tried. She only retained a small part of her memory which she is sensitive about, when she was unable to answer Lyuze she broke out into tears over her failure to respond.[1]

Casshern Sins

Casshern and Niko

Niko helped to give Casshern an embrace of innocent life

Niko was a care taker of Luna before the Ruin began, she watched over her alongside many others including Liza, Lyuze and Dune. Once the Ruin began she received heavy brain damage from an unknown event and somehow ended up in the valley of Ruin. She was described to be there for a very long time, with only decrepit robots and dolls to talk to.[1]

When Casshern was attacked by Dio's army, he and Bolton ended up meeting Niko who was quick to tend to their injuries (even though she failed to do it properly). She also met Ringo and the two quickly became friends and it seemed as if Niko was no longer alone in the Robotic Graveyard known as the Valley of Ruin.[1]

But soon they were attacked by marauding bandits and even with Casshern's, Lyuze's and Bolton's efforts combined she was fatally injured after she pleaded for them to stop fighting. Lyuze assured her dying moment by telling her that Luna was alive. After Niko's death, Bolton decided to watch over her grave until Casshern brought back Luna to heal them both.[1]


Casshern Sins

9. The Flower that Blooms in the Valley of Ruin


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