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Neo-Human Casshern is the original Casshern series created by Tatsunoko Productions, written by Tatsuo Yoshida and directed by Takao Koyama. It ran for 35 episodes from October 2nd, 1973 through June 25th, 1974 on Fuji TV.


The series is about Tetsuya Azuma who turns himself into an android named Casshan to defeat Robots who are taking over the world.


  1. Immortal Challenger
  2. Stake Victory on the Moonlight
  3. Call to the Tomorrow Within the Ruins
  4. Channel Anger into the MF Gun
  5. Don't Erase the Lantern of Battle
  6. Raging Wind Friender
  7. The Oath for the Hero Kikero
  8. The Wild Beast Robot Roars
  9. The Concerto That Shines the Flames of War
  10. Stake Life in the Desert of Death
  11. Evil Virtual Image
  12. The Villainous Iron Train
  13. Traitorous Robot #5
  14. The Casshern-Proof City
  15. The Puppy Runs in Vengeance
  16. Suwani: Wings of Love
  17. Robot Lullaby
  18. Giant Elephant VS Andro Army
  19. The Terrifying Clown Robot
  20. Casshan's Death Penalty Stand
  21. Robot Hijack
  22. The Escaping Robot: Romeo
  23. Robot Factory's Big Deployment
  24. Bounder: Robo's Challenge
  25. Immortal Casshan
  26. Casshan's Secrets
  27. The MF Gun that Disappeared
  28. The Cavalry of Anger
  29. Overzealous Robo: Neotaros
  30. Robo Withdrawal Number One
  31. The City That Will Create a Neo-Human
  32. Tearful Lightning Punch
  33. Suwani Close Shave
  34. VS Robot Ace
  35. The Greatest Decisive Battle on Earth

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As part of a licensing deal with Tatsunoko in mid-2013, Sentai Filmworks obtained the rights to Neo-Human Casshern for a Region 1 video release on January 21, 2014.
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