Alias Beautiful Lady Leda
Romanji Reda
Kanji レダ
Physical Description
Race Android
Gender Female
Hair color Purple
Eye color Red
Behind the Scenes
Debut Reunited with Fate
Voiced By: Shelley Calene-Black
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Leda (レダ, Reda) is a robot created alongside Dio and Casshern in order to revoltionalize Robotic life through pro creation. This ultimatley failed causing Dio and Casshern to become killing machines while Leda stayed behind and took revenge on her creators. Once Casshern murdered Luna causing the Ruin to begin, Leda reunited with Dio as they survived its effects until Casshern reappeared.

At this point, Leda began to manipulate Dio in order to gain her desires to rule the world and become truely beautiful. She was able to create an entire army through Dio's obsession to defeat Casshern and eventually track down the reborn Luna. Because Leda did not share in Dio's passion to defeat Casshern, they seperated leaving Leda to deal with Luna alone.

She planned to use Luna to end the Ruin and reshape the world in her image. This failed, Luna betrayed Leda and turned her into an ugly machine and fatally wounded her after granting her eternal life. When all seemed lost, Dio wished for Leda to live on after his death, allowing her to die peacefully alongside him.

Physical Appearance

A Drop Called Eternity

Leda was the self proclaimed most beautiful woman in the world, until her envious obsessions came to the light

Leda was constantly desribed to be the a beautiful woman, and the self
proclaimed most beautiful. She was a beautfiul robot with long, purple tinted hair and dark crimson red eyes. She can also be viewed as a female version of Dio or Casshern since their shape is nearly identical. She wears a skin tight battle suit like her counterparts with a large collar that is red and black in color. She also had her own battle helmet, more unqiue then Casshern's and Dio's, still revealing her hair while being able to become a mask. She also wore dual sharp expandable batons on her hips for battle.[1] After being "blessed" by Luna she was turned into a monster, her right eye shattered and several of her limbs transformed into mishapen blades.[2]


Dio and Leda

Leda's envious desires originally outweighed her true feelings

Leda was originally a loving, caring and happy woman who awaited the birth of her forsaken child.[3] But after this failed, she became a vindictive, selfish and manipulative woman who only seeked to take revenge on the world by transforming it into her own image. She originally only used Dio for her own gain and even before that she took her envy out on the scientists who "lied" about her creation.[3] She wished to end the Ruin in order to gain eternal life and try once again to prove her existance through pro-creation, proving she is still tied to her past.[2] Before her death she realized she truely loved Dio, proving to her that he loved her aswell.[1]

Casshern Sins

The Glass Cradle

Created to become god, Leda's dreams were crushed though they were always based on a whim

Leda was created by Braiking Boss' and number one scientist Ohji, she was built in a set of three with the same shape and specs, alongside Dio and Casshern. She was created so that Robots could become gods, created to pro create with Dio and Casshern. This failed as Leda ended up with a miscarrage with her unborn child, after this she was set aside while Casshern and Dio were utilized as killing machines.[4][3] She took this moment to get revenge on the scientist she blamed for her failure and awaited for the end of the world she didn't know was coming. [3]

Once Casshern murdered Luna, the Ruin began and world died, this allowed Leda to reunite with Dio and survive thanks to their advanced bodies. When Casshern revealed himself to be alive, Leda took this chance to manipulate Dio through his obsession with Casshern's defeat.[5] After Dio was unable to defeat Casshern the first time, she used his disappointment to build up his pride enough to build a robotic army, lying by telling him that he could prove to all of them that he was the strongest when Leda only wanted them for her own gain.

But there was one within her ranks that she could not allow to remain, Dune who had simply crossed her path. Seeing him as a potential threat, Leda confronted and attacked him, only to be defeated and forced to be saved by Dio. Showing herself to be weak she used this to manipulate Dio into thinking that he was the strongest since he had defeated Dune and even spared his life.[1]

She used this opportunity to get Dio to spread the word of his robotic army far and wide, in a giant search for Casshern. They successfully tracked down Casshern and Leda hoped for Dio to finally end his obsession until he was not satisfied, due to Casshern's willingness to be defeated.[6] After leaving the scene, rumors of Luna's rebirth began to surface, allowing Leda to put a new plan into motion.

Casshern vs Leda

Against Dio's wishes, Leda's own envy caused her to own plans to turn on themself

She used Dio's army to search for Luna, in order to gain eternal life for herself and end the Ruin in order to reshape the world in her own image. After being tricked into a false lead to Luna, two warriors named Vulcan and Mars who were once the strongest in Braiking Boss' empire confront Leda and Dio. They defeat Dio and nearly kill him until Leda uses a new form of deception, allowing herself to be captured to save Dio, also using the to inspire Dio into becoming stronger. Dio did just that and returned for Leda, defeating both the warriors with ease this time. [7]

Leda then decided to search for Luna with Dio on their own, leading them to Luna's birthplace. Leda searched for the secrets to Luna through three robots named Hoti, Hoto and Holtor who she decieved. She nearly got what she wanted but was stopped by Casshern, whom she tried to attack against Dio's wishes, backfiring on her, Dio's new found ambition caused him to drift farther from Leda. [3]

Luna kills Leda

Leda paid the price for her sins, after loosing everything she ever wanted through her greedy attempt at eternal life

Finally, Dio's army aswell as Leda finally track Luna's healing grounds where Dio takes back his army and ceceeds from Leda in order to fufill his desires against Casshern. Even with this setback, Leda confronts Luna and demands eternal life, while propousing her own plan to rule the world by only granting healing to the chosen. Luna granted Leda eternal life, but with it a price. Leda's beauty was stripped from her, her body twisted by her new life, causing her to become hideous.[2]

Leda, still alive wished for revenge against Luna and made her move to confront her. But Luna was able to easily out meanuever Leda and pierce her body with a large blade, fatally injuring Leda. Before Luna could finish Leda off, Casshern returned from his final fight with Dio, revealing that Dio's last wish was for Casshern to save Leda. Still dying and injured, Leda returned to Dio's deathbed in order to die alongside him, in peace..finally becoming beautiful.

Powers and Abilities

Dune vs Leda

Leda's own rage and envy allowed her to battle one who was known for his skills in combat

Expert Combatant: Leda has proven herself to be impressive in combat, although not nearly on Casshern's or Dio's level in specs. She is able to easily cut down the average robot and even defeat capable warriors such as Lyuze[8][5], aswell as prove a capable combatant for a master like Dune.[1] Even so she was defeated in only one hit by The God of Death[1] and even fatally wounded by Luna when Leda clearly had an advantage. [1]

  • Expert Weapons Combatant: Leda showed considerable skill using her hip batons in combat, able to land several strikes on Dune. She was also able to cut down a number of civilians on her way to seek revenge against Luna with her mishapen body blades. [8]

Enhanced Physical Condition: Leda created in the same shape as Dio and Casshern, possessing an incredible body structure that decayed much slower then average, due to the Ruin. She possess impressive speed and strength although she was not utilized to be a killing machine. [4]

  • High Speed: Leda possessed great enough speed to surprise and damage the God of Death several times in a row. [1]


Casshern Sins


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