Jin's Convoy inclues a number of both Humans and Robots that search for Luna in order to obtain eternal life, and escape death from the Ruin. The group is led by Jin, a famous Robot who formerly refused to join Braiking Boss' empire in order to protect Humanity from Genocide.

Jin's Convoy
By One's Calling

Notable MembersEdit

  • Jin: Jin is the leader of his convoy, he wishes for a world where Humans and Robots can live equally and that is why he allows both humans an robots into his group.
  • Dai: Dai is one of Jin's right hand men who work with him an Tetsu to lead, maintain and protect their group.
  • Tetsu: Tetsu is second right hand man of Jin's who works with him an Tetsu to lead, maintain and protect their group.
  • Gido: Gido is a heavily deterriorated robot who travels with Jin's group, he is good friends with Toro.
  • Toro: Toro is a human boy who travels in Jin's group and normally sticks by Gido's side.
  • Friender (Formerly): A robotic Canine that lost his master, Casshern after he was trapped under a giant structure. Friender befriended Jin who helpe him to return to Casshern's side, Friender then left the group to continue by Casshern's side.

Casshern SinsEdit

After the Ruin began, Jin collected a group of several humans and robots in order to search for a way to heal them all. They eventually came across the rumors of Luna, giving them the drive and mission to seek her out for healing and eternal life. During their travels, the convoy met a mysterious roaming Canine like Jin, is not effected by the Ruin. For probably not their first time, the group encounters a large group of Bandits looking to hunt down the humans in the convoy. After recognizing Jin for his legacy, they move along feeling it would be too time consuming to fight he and his men, Dai and Tetsu.

After continuing their journey to find luna, Gido dissappears and the canine leads to a mysterious falled platform where they believe Gido is trapped uner. Dai an Tetsu are able to uncover a man from under the rubble, but it is not Gido, instead it is a man named Casshern. Then Gido and the Banits from the past return, looking to devour Casshern in order to gain eternal life. They fail because Casshern retaliates and leads to attacking Jin who is able to fend him off and allow the Canine to stop him.

The Covoy then puts the pressure on Jin to devour Casshern in order to save their lives, Jin refuses and brings them to their a silence by telling them that Luna can save them and they do not need to murder Casshern. Jin bids his to Friender after taking back his offer to team up with Casshern, afraid he might have to kill him one day.


Casshern Sins Edit

11. By One's Calling