Janice (ジャニス) is a woman who serves as a symbol of hope to Robots and Humans everywhere. She has a powerful signing voice which instills the hope of life in everyone who hears it.

Alias Hope
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Gold
Behind the Scenes
Debut A Hymn of Hope
Voiced By: Caitlin Glass
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Physical Appearance

Janice is a tall woman with long, waving and sparkling red hair that reaches past her back. She has bright gold eyes and pale white skin. She wears fancy clothing that was minamally worn including a long white dress over a green under shirt, bown necklaces and a green skirt.


Janice is a determined, light hearted and carring woman. Her life's dream was to sing in order to instill great levels of hope into everyone who hears her voice. Even after she found out who Casshern was, she did not blame him for the Ruin and trusted him enough to guide her to her dreams.[1]

Casshern Sins

Casshern and Janice

The man of destruction, with the woman who brings relief to the worlds stricken..the shield and the spear

For an unknown period of time after the ruin, Janice was a famous symbol of hope to Robots and Humans alike. She had aquired a number of followers including guards that hoped to lead her to her dream destination. After they were killed she saught to defend herself using her voice, which attracted her savior, Casshern. Casshern decided to follow Janice of his own free will, she gave him much advice on finding what he wants to protect a conviction for fighting.[1]

After she finds out that Bandits and followers are heading to her destination she pleads to Casshern to guide her there. He agrees and takes her to the Vosten Music Hall where she is greeted by many of her fans. She is able to sing to all of them including Casshern who defends her from a large army of Bandits, allowing her to fufill her dreams.[1]


Casshern Sins

8. A Hymn of Hope


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