Humans are the natural born race on the planet. They created the Robotic race but were despised by them and eventually Humans were ruled over by the Robots. After the Ruin began, Robots and Humans were considered to be on the same level.


Humans were the original and dominent race of the planet. With advances in science, they successfully created the Robotic race and gained eternal life through science. Eventually the Robots began to despise humans and began a revolution led by Braiking Boss where he hunted and murdered countless Humans.

After the Ruin began, Robots and Humans were once again considered in the same class. Even so Bandits still hunt humans simply for a hate crime.


A human is not composed of any mechanical parts so they do not have to fear rusting. Humans are ceceptible to disease, when the Ruin filled the atmosphere wilth Poison, many humans fell to its effects. Every Human has a heart and therefore they can bleed blood, unlike most robots who bleed oil. The Human race also has one key function that is superior to the robotic race, the ability to pro create but this was lost with the Ruin as well.