Helene (ヘレネ, Herene) was a marauding robotic warrior who attacked Casshern and Lyuze to prove that through violence, she deserved to live.

Romanji Herene
Kanji ヘレネ
Physical Description
Race Robot
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Purple
Behind the Scenes
Debut Believe in the Flower that Lives in Your Heart
Voiced By: Clarine Harp
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Physical Appearance

Helene appeared as a tall, slim, humanoid girl (matching the build of Lyuze) with brown hair tied in a pony tail and and dim purple eyes. She wore odd clothing that resembled multi colored armor including a red neck choker with a matching shoulder guard. After her first encounter with Lyuze, her left eye and hair bind were shattered from decay.


Helene was a warrior driven to find someway to prove her worth, having everything taken or killed by the Ruin. She traveled with Castor to defeat warriors such as Casshern and Lyuze in order to prove their worth in the world. She has a compassionate side as she was deeply worried about Castor after Casshern defeated him.[1]

Casshern Sins

Helene's life before the Ruin is completely unknown but sometime after she joined with Castor in order to roam the planet, looking for prey to destroy. The Ruin caused Helene to become near insane, using only violence to fill her hunger needed to prove she deserves to live through the Ruin. During her conquest, she encounters Lyuze and Casshern, she nearly bests Lyuze while Castor attacks Casshern. Helene could figure out that Lyuze did not deserve to live because Casshern had always protected her. But after Castor is killed, she retreats, desperate to help him. Helene returned for revenge against Lyuze but simply could no longer prove herself, in that moment she fell to dust from the Ruin.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Master Combatant: Helene survived the ruin by slaying an unknown but possibly limitless amount of Robots and Humans. She would use her passion to live as a way to fuel her strength and overpower her opponents. She was able to use this to momentarily best Casshern and Lyuze. [1]


Hidden Blade: On the inside sleeve of her left arm, Helene carries a retractable blade much like Lyuze's. It was sharp enough to injure Casshern quickly but was not durable enough to withstand a blow, as Lyuze broke it with a swipe of her sword. [1]


Casshern Sins

19. Believe in the Flower that Lives in Your Heart


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