Green Ogre is an unnamed Robot, a rival to Sophita and a former guard of Braiking Boss.

Unnamed Robot
Green Ogre
Alias Green Ogre
Physical Description
Race Robot
Gender Male
Eye color Yellow
Behind the Scenes
Debut The Angel of Ruin
Voiced By: Bryan Massey
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Physical Appearance

This unnamed Robot resembles a large ogre like machine with green plating (skin) along misshapen and awkward parts due to the replacing of old rusted parts caused by the ruin. He has a large gut and long pointed ears. He wears black trousers and carries around an attached large, black broken arm.


The unnamed machine seems to have a strong sense of loyalty and duty to Robots. He feels Sophita is a threat and a potential menace due to her massacre of robots for fun. Even in his condition of Ruin, he still tries to subdue her in order to stop her violence.[1]

Casshern Sins

An unnamed Robot was once a proud warrior, he was a powerful personal guard to the king, Braiking Boss. After Braiking Boss' release from the throne and start of the Ruin the unnamed robot lost his arm to rust. He now patrols an unknown area as a respected figure of several bandits aswell as the rival of the Angel of Ruin, Sophita. He warns her that one day he will replace his arm and stop Sophita from fighting so vigourously. Later on he uses a fighter with her as a way to draw out Casshern in hopes of devouring him in order to gain eternal life. Casshern is drawn out and warns him and the unnamed bot heids the warning and avoids the fight, seeing as he is no match for Casshern.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Skilled Combatant: The unnamed bot was an impressive fighter, he obviously had a well respected reputation as a powerful warrior during his prime. Even after the ruin he was a capable fighter, able to ultimatley best Sophita in battle until she was saved by Casshern.[1]

  • Enhanced Speed: For his large size, the unnamed Robot was able to move very fast and was able to react quickly to Sophita's attacks and counter. [1]


Blade: A large sword blade weilded by the unnamed Robot in battle.


  • The official anime news network nicknames this character "Green Ogre" [2]


Casshern Sins

4. The Angel of Ruin


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