Gido is a Robot traveling within Jin's group. He is very friendly towards a young human Boy named Toro.

Physical Description
Race Robot
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Behind the Scenes
Debut By One's Calling
Voiced By: John Swasey
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Physical Appearance

Gido appears to be a relatively short man who has been harsly effected by the Ruin. His Ruin is visable through the ruse reaching down the right side of his face. He has brown hair that reaches upward to the left and souless brown eyes, symbolizing his loss of hope. He wears a large black coat that covers his entire body, possibly covering anymore rust from the Ruin.


Gido has a very calm and depressing exterior, he is normally seen lounging around silently or walking along with his group without saying a word. He rarley ever smiles but he has shown a level of happiness when he talks to a human boy named Toro, showing he does not care about Race between beings. Even so Gido is quite depressing, hopeless and desperate shown when he went as far as to collecting a group of Bandits in order to devour Casshern to save his own life.[1]

Casshern Sins

Gido's life before the Ruin is completley unknown, sometime after the Ruin he joined Jin's group in search of Luna who was said to be able to heal their Ruined bodies. During their journey, Gido met a young human boy named Toro and befriended him but Gido began to become more and more effected by the Ruin, causing him to fall into a depression and subsequently give up on Luna. Gido was surprised to find a robotic canine discovered by Toro within one of the places they were hiding, this canine had not been effected by the Ruin, somewhat instilling some hope in Gido.[1]

Afterwards Gido dissappeared from the group and went to find marauding Bandits in search of finding Casshern who he knew was the owner of the mechanical canine. Gido reappeared with these bandits when Jin discovered Casshern, the bandits were easily killed by Casshern but Gido and other members of the group begged Jin to devour Casshern, to no avail as he refused to murder anyone. Gido and the others were reinspired by Jin's words of experience, Toro also assured Gido that he was going to survive.[1]


Casshern Sins

11. By One's Calling


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