DVD and Blu-Ray ReleasesEdit

FUNimation's DVDs include both the uncut english dub and the original Japanese version. The English dub on the DVDs do not use the censored dialog or name changes that mirror the American broacasts. The credits are replaced with an English version that includes the cast for both languages.

Part 1Edit

Cover Discs # Title # Title
Volume 1August 17th 2010
2 01 At the End of the World 07 The Woman of the Tall Tower
02 A World Replete with Death Throes 08 A Hymn of Hope
03 To the Ends of Agony 09 The Flower that Blooms in the Valley of Ruin
04 The Angel of Ruin 10 The Man Entrapped by the Past
05 The Man who Killed the Sun Named Moon 11 By One's Calling
06 Reunited with Fate 12 Turn the Time Lived to Color

Part 2Edit

Cover Discs # Title # Title
Volume 2August 17th 2010
2 13 The Past Rises Before My Eyes 19 Believe in the Flower that Lives in Your Heart
14 The Truth Illuminates the Darkness 20 For Whom Do the Flowers Bloom
15 The God of Death Dune 21 The Paradise of Lost Hope
16 For the Strength to Believe 22 A Drop Called Eternity
17 The Glass Cradle 23 Those Who Return
18 The Time I've Lived and the Time I Have Left 24 To the Wondering, Blooming Flowers