Bolton (ボルトン, Boruton) is a Robot who remains in the Valley of Death, looking over Niko's grave. He is a former Bandit who looked to join Dio's army until he was crippled by Casshern.

Romanji Boruton
Kanji ボルトン
Physical Description
Race Robot
Gender Male
Eye color Yellow
Behind the Scenes
Debut The Flower that Blooms in the Valley of Ruin
Voiced By: Christopher R. Sabat
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Physical Appearance

Before he battled Casshern, Bolton was a large robot with moderate ruin. He has a blue tint and a black visor, and a yellow light symbolizing his singular eye. After he was defeated, his left arm and both his legs were disconnected from his body leaving him immobile.


Bolton originally came off as a cruel Bandit who only craved power, trying to devour Casshern in order to stop the Ruin. In reality is is but a desperate Robot who strongly wishes to live, he believed the rumors about Luna and planned to join Dio's army as a way to keep living. Though he was excessivley cruel towards Niko when she was trying to help him, it was only because he was frustrated with his defeat and the loss of most of his limbs. Truely he appreciated Niko and expressed great grief when she was injured and had enough will to avenge her by killing the Robot who did it with only one arm.[1]

Casshern Sins

Bolton was originally a Bandit looking for a way out of the Ruin, searching to join Dio's army as a way to find Luna and keep living. He and many other bots challenged Casshern but were defeated, leaving Bolton the soul survivor. He was greeted by a young humanoid girl named Niko who he was very irritated with due to her idiotic efforts to fix him.[1]

When Lyuze explained that Luna died to Casshern, Bolton overheard and figured that the rumors about Luna weren't true. Lyuze assured him that Luna was dead but Bolton explained why he and his comrads faught to find Luna out of desperation for there lives. Devistated by the news of Luna's death, Bolton seemingly gave up on his life and awaited the ruin.[1]

Bolton protects Niko

Bolton was one of few Bandits to have a change of heart

But too soon after the Valley where he was trapped in due to his injuries was attacked by Bandits. When he saw that Niko was introuble, it is revealed he was appreciative in her efforts to help him when he screams for her life when she was fatally stuck by a bandit. Swearing revenge Bolton was injured by the Bandit until he was able to grab hold of him with his single arm and crush him to death with the help of Casshern. after Niko passed on, Bolton was given Casshern's word that he would return with Luna in order to heal both Bolton and Niko. After they left, Bolton expressed great grief over Niko's death through crying.[1]


Casshern Sins

9. The Flower that Blooms in the Valley of Ruin


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